Real Names: Bill Eadie (Ax) / Barry Darsow (Smash) / Brian Adams (Crush)
Role: Tag Team / Stable
Heights: 6’3″ (Ax) / 6’2″ (Smash) / 6’6″ (Crush), Combined Weight: varies

Born: December 27, 1947 (Ax) / October 6, 1959 (Smash) / January 31, 1962 (Crush)
Billed From: Parts Unknown
Professional Debut: January 17, 1987

Finishing Move: Decapitation
Former Ring Names

Experience: 8 years as a team/stable
1991: Demolition is disbanded, and the three members go their seperate ways
June 23, 1990: Crush joins Demolition and they begin to function as a three-man tag team/stable, though Ax spends a lot of time off television with an illness
January 17, 1987: Demolition (Ax & Smash) debuts in the WWF; Smash was originally played by Randy Colley, who was soon replaced by Barry Darsow


Ax • Smash • Crush
• Mr. Fuji (WWF 1987 – 1988)
Major Feuds
• —

• [04.01.90]: WWF Tag Team Titles (Ax, Smash & Crush) – 3rd Reign
– Won from The Colossal Connection / Lost to The Hart Foundation [08.27.90]

• [10.02.89]: WWF Tag Team Titles (Ax & Smash) – 2nd Reign
– Won from The Brain Busters / Lost to The Colossal Connection [12.13.89]

• [03.27.88]: WWF Tag Team Titles (Ax & Smash) – 1st Reign
– Won from Strike Force / Lost to The Brain Busters [07.18.89]

• Demolition’s look was inspired by Lord Humungus of the film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
• Ax & Smash held the WWF Tag Team Titles for the longest reign in history of 478 days
• Ax & Smash reunited as Demolition in the independent promotions in 2007, and still wrestle together currently

• Wikipedia



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